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Day 12 – Cereal Kilner

The Kiln has been such a constant presence on the site that it seems peculiar to see it gradually disappear. But we must dig it to understand it. John Sunderland is the ‘cereal kilner’. Penny Johnson is on her 99th environmental sample at Beaubec. Go Penny! Bronagh and Oliver were finding lots of animal bones in Cutting V11 and Daniel was finding large bones in his cutting in a very organic deposit that has huge potential. These faunal remains will tell a lot about the farm stock on the grange. Fay and Tara were doing a great job sieving medieval deposits and finds today included a bronze leather covered button and a ceramic ridge tile. We are intrigued by a flagstone surface attached to a hearth which has been uncovered in the middle of the barn.

View of the kiln being partially removed

Tara and Fay found a bronze button with a leather cover.

Detail of the button.

John McCullen examines the jaw bone discovered by Oliver and Bronagh.

Elizabeth shows her perspective reconstructions of the Beaubec buildings to Geraldine (photo by Grace McCullen).

Emer Clowry (of the Notre Dame Global Gateway) with Kevin and their two sons Rían and Jonah (photo by Grace McCullen). Notre Dame has been a generous supporter of the Stout’s excavations since 2002 – Knowth Site M, Bective, Newgrange Farm and now Beaubec.

The excavation at the end of day 12. Note the disappearing kiln (left) and the paved floor (centre) (drone photo by Anthony Murphy).

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Lecturer, School of History and Geography, St Patrick's Campus, DCU

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