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Beaubec art blog post 003

Touching time by John Sunderland

My second drawing is very much underway, very different from the first this homes in on the detail of a wall. Layers of soil have been used thinly, more as washes than textures, and they appear more durable. The difference between the work wet and dry is quite marked (image 1).  I started this piece when I was considering what it would be like to work on a very large piece directly on a gallery wall in an exhibition. The possibility of following and controlling change over time in the work over the duration of a show, is really interesting me. At the moment though I’m very interested in the relationships that can be conjured on site, as I am now actually drawing in a cutting next to the excavators as they investigate the kiln. I find the sounds of trowelling in the background whilst I draw very conducive to work, helping me to concentrate my practice (image 2).

Image 1

Image 2

Published by Matthew Stout

Lecturer, School of History and Geography, St Patrick's Campus, DCU

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