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The last Day

By Dr John Sunderland

The day was full of activity as everyone pushed to finish their pieces and what a great show of work, expressive, imaginative and accomplished are just a few words I’d use to describe them. Everyone embraced the idea of using archaeological materials to make art work and soon produced some fascinating works with character and great skill. I certainly enjoyed it and learnt a lot from my fellow artists about the breadth of possibility when bringing art and archaeology together, so I would like to thank Grace McCullen for supporting me and running with the idea, John and the McCullen family for allowing us to work on the site, Matthew and Geraldine Stout for setting up the excavation in the first place and being open to art as part of the mix and my wife Penny, for providing logistical and all kinds of other support. I would also like to thank our sponsors the Amazon AWS fund and ChangeX without whom this would not have been possible.

Joy’s finished drawing inspired by the excavation at Beaubec.

Joy drawing with soil.

Eliot’s sculptures.

Eliot’s forest.

Erica’s snail made of clay and crushed brick.

Erica’s soil and pencil drawing.

Alana’s drawing of the conserved dormitory wall.

Detail of interior of Alana’s beehive huts.

Alana’s beehive huts inside the service tower.

Catherine’s Dragon

Published by Matthew Stout

Lecturer, School of History and Geography, St Patrick's Campus, DCU

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