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Castleknock Students Return to Beaubec

A glorious Autumn day at Beaubec made the arrival of Castleknock College First Year History students all the more pleasurable. They were on a day’s field trip to the Boyne Valley and had included Beaubec in their itinerary. Their teachers had them all well prepared and Matt and Geraldine Stout were bombarded with loads of intelligent and thought-provoking questions. While Matt introduced the pupils to the history and excavation results Geraldine talked about the role of the archaeologist on a site, introducing the pupils to the equipment and recording methods. This tied in nicely with their history curriculum for this year. We had a lively discussion about Henry VIII who closed down most the monasteries in Ireland and one of the students shared with us Henry’s final words. These are said to have been ‘’monks, monks, monks.’’ We were delighted to see how well the on-site information panels worked in the presentation. Their history teacher, Tom McGauley (who sent us these photos), has designed a brilliant site specific app with questions to be answered at each site on the pupils’ phones. He has generously allowed us to put a link to this app up on the blog to be used by other schools that visit. The find of the day goes to Dara White who picked up a wine bottle opener from our end of excavation party in July 2021 AD. Many thanks to all the pupils who were excellent listeners and well mannered, an absolute credit to their college and families.

Published by Matthew Stout

Lecturer, School of History and Geography, St Patrick's Campus, DCU

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  1. Huge thanks to Matt and Geraldine for their time, patience, enthusiasm and expertise with our students today. Thanks also to John McCullen for kindly welcoming us back to Beaubec.
    The sun was shining and it was a memorable outing for us all. Geraldine even recruited a budding archaeologist or two!

    Many thanks,
    Tom McGauley,
    Castleknock College.


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