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Day 16 – Axe!

We were late to the site this morning and there were rumours circulating around the site that the co-directors were travelling around Meath buying up copies of the Irish Times (not entirely true). Our site was featured today in the Irish Times and the Irish Independent thanks to Drogheda journalist Louise Walshe. Thank you Louise! Today on the site baulks came down so we could get a more complete view of the interior of the barn. The Neolithic is letting itself be known on the site and Mary found a beautiful polished stone axehead in the fill of a medieval cultivation furrow whilst Bronagh found a lovely flint scraper. Alex who is French has been finding lots of French Saintonge pottery in what is being interpreted as a buttress at the barn entrance.  Craig and Andy have been finding some very fine ridge tiles in the medieval furrow they are excavating.  A day in the full glare of the media spotlight ended with an interview on Drive Time on RTÉ Radio 1.

Mick Mongey photographing the polished stone axe.

The polished stone axe (photo by Mick Mongey).

The finder of the polished stone axe Mary with Anthony who first drew attention to its importance. Certainly today’s find of the day (photo by Mick Mongey)..

Our youngest volunteer, little Tiarnan, with his mother zooarchaeologist Arlene Coogan.

Alex excavating the entrance buttress where he is finding French pottery.

Side view of the great barn of Beaubec (drone photo by Anthony Murphy).

Beaubec barn at the end of Day 16. Note the removal of the Baulks which provide a clearer sense of the barn’s interior (drone photo by Anthony Murphy).

The kiln nears its final curtain with Tom and Catherine (photo by Mick Mongey).

Tutorial on tithe barns. Anthony Murphy (far right) who has taken the excellent drone photographs, is talking to Craig at the end of the day.

Aidan brought his two friends to the site and one agreed to return as a volunteer.

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Lecturer, School of History and Geography, St Patrick's Campus, DCU

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